Mary Ann Taylor, b. August 28, 1956

Mary Ann Taylor is a second-generation artist whose grandfather painted oils of Midwest Americana. This beloved Grand-dad, together with literature, music and museums full of classical paintings, served as a wealth of early artistic muses. Having spent much of her young life growing up in coastal Florida, Mary Ann seems to express, through her paintings, the warm, sunlit shades of her childhood. Her paintings reflect sunny, sea-glass colors and soft hues of water and sky. 


After a move to Eastern Tennessee, Mary Ann launched a career as a school librarian. Yearly, she guided young people into a colorful world of illustration and finely crafted artwork, always feeling the earlier draw of Fine Art through educational studies of artists, styles and color.


Now a full-time artist, Mary Ann draws on the influences of her youth to create beautiful, lyrical abstracts, reflective of her life's inspirations. Her paintings celebrate the inner-play of colors, harmonious washes and subtly veiled layers of rich hues across sumptuous textures. An original MAT painting invites the viewer to enjoy a ballet of dancing colors and sparkling light.

MAT by JC_w.jpg