Thomas Blaine Cover, b. February 11, 1948

Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Thomas Cover grew up near the natural beauty of Mead’s Quarry and surrounded by the splendor of the many lakes and rivers Eastern Tennessee is known for, including The Little River. Tom studied Fine Art at the University of Tennessee, before embarking on a career in the furniture industry.   Gaining expertise and insight in fine home design concepts during his long and successful career, Tom continued to return to his roots in Fine Art, believing that the creation and collection of high quality art is an integral feature of the well appointed home.

In 2004 Tom embarked on his own, creating Little River Art & Frame, a company dedicated to Fine Art and servicing the needs of the most discriminating Interior Designers. Twelve years later, Tom travels to ten states, collecting and placing original paintings.  He works closely with his son Michael to cut and craft superior mouldings that compliment a large selection of high quality art.

Tom never lost his grass-roots love of painting, and his own canvas creations are among the most collected.  His oft-ethereal imagery reflects his love of the many waterways he has known and loved his entire life.